Arduino Basics: Colour Sensing - Update One

12 June 2011

Colour Sensing - Update One

I successfully modified the previous sketch to detect the colour of the Mega Blok that was over the sensors. However, it was taking up to 10-20 seconds to reveal the answer.

The problem I am experiencing is mainly due to the effect of ambient light levels. Just when I get all my limits set up, something changes, and I lose the ability to identify one of the Bloks.

I get the feeling that I may have over-complicated the design or the method to detect the Blok colour, and am now trying to simplify and speed up the process.

Once again, I think I may be able to get faster results using a PhotoCell, but I don't want to differentiate by light level alone. I would like to read colour using one or more LEDs as a Sensor.

I think I need to utilise the RGB LED functionality a little bit more. So instead of white light, I might scan with different colours.

Stay tuned.

If you have any ideas, please make suggestions in the comments.

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