Arduino Basics: One in a million

25 November 2014

One in a million

Just quietly - I am really happy that this blog has reached over 1 million page views !
I don't know what to say, but I feel like I should say something.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Here are the blog posts that have received most attention to date:
1. Ultrasonic sensor
2. Simple Arduino Serial Communication
3. Bluetooth tutorial 1
4. Bluetooth Android Processing
5. Sound Sensor
6. 433 MHz RF Module with Arduino : this one is rising FAST !
7. Reading from a text file and sending to Arduino
8. Flex sensor and LEDs
9. PhotoCell - sensing light
10. Simple Arduino Serial Communication (Part 2)

For a list of all my projects - please visit my projects page:
ArduinoBasics Project Page

If that is not enough, then perhaps you should visit the Arduino Tutorials Community on Google+.
You are bound to find a project that sparks your interest, or perhaps you could even share your own !

Feel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions or messages in the comments.
Or if you wish to send a confidential message to me - then I would advise to use the form on my Feedback page.

Thanks again for visiting, and good luck with your project and/or Arduino journey !!


  1. Your projects are very interesting, and well documented! Thank you very much for your effort!

    We are a startup and we're building a free directory of DIY automation, if you'd like to try another channel to share your work consider checking out and send us your feedback.. or simply subscribe to start searching and sharing arduino projects and more!

    Have a good making, keep up the impressive work you're doing and you'll go far beyound 1 million visualization!!!

  2. I was looking for some idea for my final project,
    and it was here, thanks for sharing your idea
    it saved my day

    1. Wow - I am glad you found something of interest.
      Good luck with your project.


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