Arduino Basics

5 February 2019

Arduino Tutorials Discord Server

As you may be aware by now, Google+ is shutting down.
So in about a couple of months, it will no longer exist.

Many people within the Arduino community used Google+ to share their Arduino tutorials, and discuss various projects, and now they are all scrambling to find a suitable alternative.

Some of you may know that I created a community called "Arduino Tutorials" on Google+, and may be wondering where it will be going?

Good news, I have created a new Discord server to take it's place.

So if you would like to join a group of like-minded people who have varying levels of Arduino expertise (beginner to advanced), feel free to meet us there.

Oh, you will probably need this link to get there.

See you soon,
I look forward to meeting you.


22 December 2018

Alcohol Detection Project

Please visit:
for original tutorial.



'Tis the season to be jolly, but sometimes you would like to tone down the jolliness. Or perhaps you are the designated driver and need to know how festive that punch is !
I have the perfect solution for you:

The grove alcohol sensor.

Most people look to buy this sensor to make their own DIY breathalyser. Don't bother. You won't get the accuracy you are looking for, or you probably won't have all the necessary equipment/materials required to calibrate it. While you can get a rough idea, I would NOT recommend using this sensor to make any decisions based on quantitative measurements.

I will also point out that this sensor is not specific for Alcohol. It will react to some other chemicals too. In other words, you cannot assume that a positive result equates to the presence of alcohol (ethanol) in the air. It could be butane, LPG, Isopropanol etc etc.

This project will attempt to show how much alcohol is in the air, for the sole purpose of identifying the presence, as well as getting a rough estimate of the strength of alcohol, in a variety of festive drinks.